venerdì 30 maggio 2014

Carbonara di zucchine - Carbonara with courgettes

Things have not to be complicated to be good or delicious, right?

Well, my last year it happened that I lost my glasses 3 times, in 3 different occasions, but with something in common....all the times during a travel with a travel-companion I was not sure how to evaluate.
I laughed all the times (and my optician too!) telling that there was some reason for that, probably I didnt want to "see" something! That was really funny: does The Unconscious really exist??!!
In hindsight, I can say that what I could clearly see  later, was something I was able to see from the very beginning, but I decided to put aside. So the answer is yes, probably the Unconscious really exists and I could have saved a lot of money at my optician's shop!!! LOL!.
Sometimes people make a giant of very small, short persons.
Sometimes some people will flaunt a depth they have not, sometimes using their misfortunes, just to look for excuses and spruce up to impress naive others, and to call for their compliance.
Sometimes peewees will have more trivial motivations than you think. That are so much easier to understand :) because there is really nothing to understand.
 Definitely, simple. Sometimes that means trivial, poor, and small.
Sometimes that means good, and nice: like this pasta! This is very simple and it is delicious :) and sometimes you realize that after all, being naive is not such a bad thing.

It is the vegetarian version of the Carbonara that is made generally with bacon. I tried this on the Amalfi Coast a few years ago, and it is very easy and very very good, try that!

INGREDIENTI (2 persons):

whole wheat spaghetti 200 gr
2 fresh eggs
6 zucchini
1 fresh onion
grated parmesan or edible yeast flakes
fresh persil

Cut the onion in small cubes, and the zucchini in julienne strips. Put them all in a pan with one spoon of oil and let the roast a little. They should be still crunchy.
Add some salt and some fresh persil.
Boil the pasta and when it is ready, put the eggs on it and stir it very quickly. Add the parmesan (or the yeast), the pepper, and....enjoy!

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